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Macao optimal dairy co., LTD(01717.HK(Hereinafter referred to as“Australian dairy industry”)Is listed on the Hong Kong professional high-end dairy、Food companies,Its holding Australian dairy industry(China)Co., LTD、Globlait Nutrition (Changsha) Co.,Ltd..,Engaged in formula research and development on a global scale、Infant milk powder production and sales、Health food、Liquid nutrition, etc。

Globlait,The Macao optimal nutrition liquid(Changsha)Co., LTD(Globlait Nutrition (Changsha)Co.Ltd)Was established2016Years,Is the dairy industry(China)Co., LTD. Holding subsidiaries,Shoulder“Selection of global good milk,Nourish the Chinese”The mission,Committed to the development of high quality liquid nutrition【To check the details】

《Alcohol milk house》In the second quarter The journey to find milk in Belgium 26 The secret of good ChunChun yogurt!! 《Alcohol milk house》Comic book two weeks GloblaitWeChat、Starting weibo synchronization Like it 《

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《Alcohol milk house》The first6Words Naturally occurring is the sight of the sun? 《Alcohol milk house》Copyright Macao optimal nutrition liquid(Changsha)Co., LTD. All Any enterprise or individual shall not be used for business

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《Alcohol milk house》7 Autumn fat correct posture! Drink bone soup filling calcium?Nutrition in the soup? The calcium in milk and milk calcium, Milk calcium in calcium phosphate of science2:1,The most good for the body to absorb

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《Alcohol milk house》All rights reserved Any enterprise or individual must not be used for commercial purposes GloblaitReserves the right to legal means to solve 《Alcohol milk house》Comic book two weeks GloblaitWeChat、

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