Bead on nearbu agricultural development co., LTD., founded in2017Years7Month,Changyi city in shandong province,The company has1000Mu well-bred production base,And building covers an area of about100Mu breeding、Experimental farm。The company predecessor20Seed research and development and production experience for many years,Once more seed companies at home and abroad、Scientific research institutes cooperation to research and develop the seeds、Breeding、Production work。Based on a large number of excellent germplasm resources both at home and abroad engaged in pepper、Tomatoes、Pumpkin、The root stock、XiTianGua r&d and sales of vegetable seeds, etc。Is a collection of scientific research、The test、Demonstration、Promotion in the integration of new type of vegetable seed companiesMore and more more...

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A solitary petard capsicum frutescens var


Capsicum frutescens across an open field

Tianyu across an open field


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Sweet chestnut pumpkin seed production

Rootstock breeding

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